“Texas Lake Summer’s End” 1 5 On The Lake Living

“Texas Lake Summer’s End”

A Triolet by Eric Gore at OnTheLakeLiving.Com from Cedar Creek Lake

Photo Art by George Spann at Cedar Creek Lake for purchase from Lakeside Mercantile, Malakoff, Texas

“Texas Lake Summer’s End” 2 1 1 On The Lake Living

“Summertime comes to a close on Texas lakes,”

as we fondly remember kayaking, fishing, and fun times for all

kids go back to school; time to pull up stakes.

“Texas Lake Summer’s End” 3 6 On The Lake Living

“Summertime comes to a close on Texas lakes,”

and mother nature gently reminds us as the beginning of autumn breaks

while the days start getting shorter and the breeze lifts air into the fall.

“Texas Lake Summer’s End” 4 16 On The Lake Living

“Summertime comes to a close on Texas lakes,”

as we fondly remember kayaking, fishing and fun times for all.

“Texas Lake Summer’s End” 5 14 On The Lake Living


About Eric Gore:  After running around the world supporting technology solutions for Federal institutions like The White House and Pentagon and Commercial Businesses like General Motors and IBM, today, Eric has settled down at his lakehouse on Cedar Creek lake where he and his Best Bloodhound Friend Hank, Jr. collaborate and write about the lake lifestyle for several lake area blog sites.

About George Spann:  George always had a desire to re-create wonderful nature scenes including sunsets, wildlife, and even West Texas windmills.  When he was 16 his mom talked him into taking painting lessons  where he quickly caught on to oil on canvas.  At 19 George used a week’s paycheck to purchase his first Nikon EM 35 mm camera.  It didn’t take him long to figure out that photography was his true passion.  Soon after, he began studying the work of Wyman Meinzer and he still follows his work today. Wyman has been dubbed the official state photographer of Texas.  George says, “Since retiring four years ago, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to pursue my passion of photography once again.”

About Lakeside Mercantile:  Lakeside Mercantile is the small town, retail dream-come-true shop in Malakoff, Texas owned by Jana and Dennis Zeeb.  Everything in the store is designed to bring  “Family Fun and Outdoor Living” to their lake area customers and visitors.  At Lakeside Mercantile, customers will find a wide assortment of hard to find gift ideas and everyday curios all designed to make your stay at or around the lake just a little bit more fun!

Janna is proud to be the Cedar Creek lake area dealer for George Spann photo art as seen in the above Triolet.  The art above, along with other selections, may be purchased from the store and is available as a complete set or as individual photos.  The store is located at 106 East Mitcham Street in Malaoff, Texas 75148  Their phone number is (214) 693-6485. You may also email her at janaanddennis@lakesidemercantile.com.  More info can also be found at http://www.lakesidemercantile.com/

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