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Cedar Creek Lake has everything you could want for activities. If you are looking for a lake that offers great boating, fishing, swimming along with golf, hiking, bike trails, camping and beautiful scenery – this is the lake for you!
Stay and Play 1 Golf 340x410 1 On The Lake Living
Cedar Creek Lake offers several different golf courses to choose from. With a variety of private and municipal options, there is a course for any skill level.
Stay and Play 2 fishing On The Lake Living
I have been fishing for most of my life.Since I was a small boy riding my bike to fishing holes at a local golf course, to early morning fishing outings with my dad and friends,…
40 Sundown Trail-57
Cedar Creek Lake is very involved in community.
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From the annual “Thunder over Cedar Creek Lake Air Show each July Air to tailgating for your favorite game, Cedar Creek offers a wide variety of events for everyone.
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The best shops in Cedar Creek Lake
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Cedar Creek Lake has several marinas conveniently positioned around the lake. From full service to limited service, the marinas are here to support your #lakelife

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