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Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020

Four Seasons Living Series-Autumn 2020 Introduction

Hi! My name is Tom Sherman.  I’m a lakehouse owner and mortgage broker on Cedar Creek Lake about an hour southeast of Dallas. Today, I’m publishing the first of our Four Seasons Living Series consisting of four blogs, one for each season of the year, along with my partner, Trae Williams, of The Williams Group Realty.  Trae and I will trade off publishing a blog every other season curating some interesting and fun things about lake life in and around Cedar Creek Lake.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that life on Cedar Creek Lake is an experience I’d not trade for anything.  Whether it’s full time living or life as a weekender, the lake lifestyle has something for everyone; young or old, single or married, with kids or empty nesters.

I believe Cedar Creek Lake is unique in that it offers the charm of living away from the big city hustle and bustle around DFW but also brings together all the comforts and conveniences you could ask for.  Whether it’s shopping, entertainment, first class healthcare, or just plain peace of mind knowing you’ve got everything you need within a short distance from your lakehouse; Cedar Creek Lake has it all.

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Not everyone knows this but many Cedar Creek lakehomes sit directly on the lake front with boats and jet skis hovering directly over the water just waiting for passengers to hop on and drop in.  Other water craft are easily launched from the many public ramps situated at locations conveniently scattered around the lake with easy access and ample parking.  In fact, most neighborhoods have private boat ramps that are maintained by their respective HOA’s to accommodate those lakehomes not on the water.

Dotted around the lake in the dozen small towns are ample entertaining, fast dining and upscale dining, big box and boutique retail shops and of course world-class outdoor recreation!  The freshwater fishing, boating and seasonal recreational activities are second to none.

As one who truly loves all four seasons of OnTheLakeLiving at Cedar Creek, this author, along with Trae, is going to attempt, through this series  to bring to you a few of the everyday living pleasures that a Cedar Creek Lake lifestyle has to offer.  Watch for a new seasonal segment each quarter starting with my fall segment below, followed by winter in February, spring in March and summer in June.

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Autumn at Cedar Creek Lake by Tom Sherman

I have to say, the fall season is probably my favorite time of the year at Cedar Creek Lake.  The temperatures and humidity are finally drifting downward and the soft blue sky is clear with puffy clouds idling by.  You still see the occasional Jet Ski and fishing is as popular as ever.  The winds are typically calm and the waves are down; giving the lake a glassy, glistening look as the sun shimmers across the horizon.

Cedar Creek Lake is about an hour southeast of Dallas, leading many people to say it’s the “Gateway to East Texas”.  Driving into the area, you may notice right away there are a number of tall pine trees covering some parts of the area.  You won’t find them much in Dallas.

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The American White Pelican arrives at Cedar Creek Lake

If you enjoy the outdoor nature watching, you’re sure to enjoy the fall annual arrival of the American White pelican.  During October, flocks of American white pelicans will begin migrating to East Texas and Cedar Creek Lake from breeding grounds in the Midwest.

These beautiful birds have elegant white plumage and a long, robust yellow beak with an expandable pouch hanging like a sling beneath the lower mandible. Groups of them paddle in circles or semicircles and may slap the water with their wings to herd small fish into shallow water.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 5 pelican 5601713 1920 On The Lake Living

Once pelicans trap a school of fish, they’ll lower their beaks in the water while expanding the pouch like a dip net to hoist up fish, along with bycatch like minnows, tadpoles and crawfish. The bird will then raise its beak horizontally above the water’s surface to strain the pouch full of water for its cache of food.

Fall is famous for big, bright harvest moon lit nights.  Its not uncommon, when walking out on a dock or along the shoreline in the middle of a late October night, to see a flock of these majestic white pelicans casually drifting along together enjoying the same nights sky as you.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 6 george 5 On The Lake Living

George Spann, a prominent Cedar Creek nature photographer offers his “Birds by Boat” tours for small groups in the fall.  Its a 3-4 hour evening photo excursion on the lake in his 24 foot Bennington Tritoon pontoon boat.  The boat is equipped with an electric trolling motor and GPS electronic anchor.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 7 george 3 On The Lake Living

Great for sneaking up and getting great photos!  George explains, “It’s all about getting out and enjoying nature and the Autumn seasonal beauty of Cedar Creek Lake!”  In addition to the pelicans, other aquatic birds likely seen on your fall excursion boat trip include Loons, Osprey, Gulls, Blue Heron and many varieties of ducks! And, George adds “Don’t forget our marvelous fall sunsets!” Call or text George at 817-455-6082.  Or Facebook at

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The East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society

Only few minutes drive east of Cedar Creek Lake is the East Texas Arboretum.  Fall is my favorite time of the year to visit as the colors are bursting out from all directions and there’s so much to see.  One hundred acres of wooded beauty, trees, flowers, and wildlife await your discovery at the Arboretum.  Summer heat has given way to milder temperatures and the outdoors becomes more appealing as Autumn opens its gates.  During the fall season, the forest appears to come alive as you meander along two miles of woodland trails.

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Camouflaged frogs, insects, and even deer often scurry away as you pass. Make your way along winding, spring-fed streams connected by a 115-foot suspension bridge and you’ll be treated to a full range of the best East Texas fall has to offer.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 10 arboretum muesuem On The Lake Living

As a special surprise, you’ll experience life in early Henderson County at the historic Wofford House Museum located in the park.  Built in 1850, the home was relocated to the arboretum several years ago. It now stands as a reminder of early pioneer days complete with period furnishings, memorabilia, and a seasonal garden; a true East Texas treasure.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 11 tours2 On The Lake Living

One of my favorite perks about the East Texas Arboretum is they offer Guided Tours for Families.  What better way to have a safe, outdoor activity this fall than to experience mother nature at her finest at the East Texas Arboretum just 15 minutes away from Cedar Creek Lake!

The East Texas Arboretum is open seven days a week: M-W-S-S from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., T-Th-F from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is a $4 entrance fee for adults, $3 for seniors and students and just $1 for kids 3-5. Member entry is free.  (903) 675-5630

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Fall Fishing for Crappie on Cedar Creek Lake

Cedar Creek Lake is known throughout the southwest as one of the best locations for fishing Crappie.  And Fall brings out some of the best Crappie fishing on Cedar Creek Lake.  One of the most popular pro fishing guides on Cedar Creek Lake is Chuck Rollins, owner of BigCrappie.Com.  Chuck explains, “As the water temps begin to drop lower, we start to see a bigger spike in our fish feeding. Generally, October through December offers us a fantastic opportunity for fishing Crappie.

Chuck adds, “If you’re like most fisherman and you dream of that fast action bite when you can catch one after the other, fall is a great time to experience that. We fish brush tops and main lake structure. It is pretty easy fishing for every level of angler.”

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 13 rodeo fish On The Lake Living

And, if fishing is on your list, how about taking the whole family along for a fall family fishing rodeo?  Hosted by this is a month long tournament each fall.  The “Big Fish” leaders in each category win the tournament. Winners receive a one of a kind customized trophy and bragging rights to all of their friends.

Other awards and prizes are also given out.  A leader board is posted and updated throughout the month to keep everyone up to date. This is a great time, during the fall, to come out and enjoy some time on the water. Call 903-288-5798 for full details. Here’s a link to several other well known Fishing Guides we recommend for Fall Fishing on Cedar Creek Lake! https://go.CedarCreekLake.Online/YUNQFm.

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Spectacular Fall Sunsets on Cedar Creek Lake and how to capture them

Cedar Creek Lake arguably delivers some of the best fall season lake view sunsets in the southwest. Here are my five tips for saving the best Sunset Shots over Cedar Creek Lake on your mobile phone:

  1. Watch the clouds

Keeping an eye out for what the clouds are doing during the day can help you with how the canvas of the sky will light up in the evening. Patchworks of clouds catch the light and color of the setting sun, turning a great sunset into a spectacular one. As the sun lowers below the horizon, its light will hit the clouds in stages.  First, wispy cirrus clouds turn orange and yellow like suspended tufts of grass, then mounds of heavier cumulus catch pink and purple shades. Other atmospheric elements like storms, pollution or smoke can also enhance the colors of the sky.

  1. Pick a foreground

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 15 IMG 6215 On The Lake Living

When facing the setting sun, anything in front of it will become a shadowy silhouette, so find something with an interesting shape to break up the space in front of the sky.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 16 IMG 0392 1 scaled On The Lake Living

When used creatively, human elements can add perspective and intrigue to your photos. Buildings with reflecting windows, docks, piers, railings,  bridges and interesting architecture can stand out in a shot at sunset.  It’s best to start shooting about an hour before the sun sets to catch all the little colors and changes that start happening before the sun falls under the horizon.

  1. Start snapping

Once you have chosen your location and your foreground, line up the bottom of the frame with the horizon to keep it straight and hold the camera as still as possible (or use a tripod) while you snap a few dozen photos. Take more photos than you think you need so you have plenty to choose from.

  1. Adjust brightness

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 17 IMG 6124 scaled On The Lake Living

Most smartphones have a slider to make the image brighter or darker. If shooting a silhouette, adjust the brightness to make the foreground dark, and if shooting away from the light, make the image brighter.

  1. Relax

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the sight. Photographers can get so caught up in the job of trying to capture the view that they don’t take a moment to soak in the beauty of their subjects.  Once you have your best photo, don’t even think of opening the filter gallery. Filters from Instagram or Snapchat add artificial color to bland scenes and rarely help a sunset photo.

Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 18 IMG 8756 On The Lake Living

All your photo needs is some tweaking. In your photo editor, make slight adjustments to contrast, brightness and clarity to make it just to your liking.

A Weekend Lake Jaunt in the Fall

More and more, visitors are taking advantage of short term or weekend private home rental for short get-away vacations on lake properties.  And, Cedar Creek Lake is no stranger to this growing trend. This can be a great way for prospective lakehouse buyers to get acquainted with the lake, its community and what the area has to offer.  Some of the lakehomes are even water front properties.  For example here’s an actual VRBO listing on Cedar Creek Lake.


Four Seasons Living Series at Cedar Creek Lake-Autumn 2020 19 vrbo On The Lake Living

Click Image For Details

The VRBO listing can be reserved in advance, and prices will vary based on location, time of the week, month and length of stay among other factors.

Cedar Creek Lake Life in the Fall

Summing it up, with lower temps and the wide range of possibilities for lake life outdoors during the fall season, Cedar Creek Lake has great opportunities for family fun, relaxation, community with nature or whatever brings you joy during this wonderful time of year.

I hope this short blog has informed you a bit about Cedar Creek Lake and please come back to OnTheLakeLiving.Com in February when my partner Trae Williams will write about Winter 2021 in our Four Seasons Series on Cedar Creek Lake.





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